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About Us

Greenxagon is a brand comprising elements of “Green” and “Hexagon”.We aim to deliver “Green, Natural, and Organic” and providing holistic (hexagonal) care to consumers.


With a good brand brings a good start. In order to heighten consumers’ pro-environmental awareness, we willfully chose the hive, commonly recognized as the perfect geometric figure in nature.It is a symbol to promote the return to nature, appealing to the public to join hands in the practice of “Green Living”. Essentially, the use of these organic products extracted from nature directly contribute to our efforts in protecting the environment.


To this end, the Lee Brothers have, within 3 years, introduced four brands that meet the “Green, Natural and Organic” standards namely O’right, Nature’s, Revivre and Naturalite, leading to the launch of a “Green Revolution” in Malaysia’s hairdressing industry. Its projects include reinventing these products with the “By Greenxagon” logo, launching trial products and filming brand stories to promote environmental awareness. All these products are designed based on a combination of state-of-the-art technology and natural resources to reduce scalp sensitivity problems.The products give consumers the chance to contribute to the environment in the most practical way possible.


In order to make it easier for everyone to purchase a range of our organic products, consumers can now purchase them on our website and all major hair salons. Greenxagon’s products are sold in over 500 hair salons and 10 organic retail stores in Malaysia and Singapore. Moving forward we also aspire to introduce a diversed range of daily necessitiessuch as, food, health products, etc., so that Greenxagon becomes your reliable partner in the“Green Revolution”.

Greenxagon was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification in 2018 for its management system meeting international standards. This honour is an affirmation and encouragement towards the team. Nonetheless, we are eager for more people to hop onto this pro-environment revolution and together, move towards a healthier and better life because the success of Greenxagon begins with saving the environment, and saving our Earth.

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