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SVK Beauty Enied 2 In 1 Facial Cleansing Beauty Device



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SVK was born in Paris, France. All of its cosmetic products are developed by experts in the beauty industry.

Main Features:
Rotation Cleansing Mode:
Removes dirt and debris left in user’s pores while exfoliating their delicate skin through Enied’s rotating brush, choose from two speed levels for deep and high-efficient cleansing for all corners of the face.
Simply press the top power button to activate this mode (default mode) and press the bottom +/- button to adjust the between two rotation speeds.

Vibration Massaging Mode:
Massage skin through Enied’s ultra-high and low frequency vibration.
Simply press the top power button twice to toggle to this mode and press the bottom +/- button to adjust between two vibration frequencies.

Warm Therapy Mode:
Absorb more effectively into the skin nutrients from facial creams, serums, moisturizers and masks through a combination of both heat and vibration.
Enied’s stainless steel head is designed to heat up to two different temperature settings, ranging between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius.
Simply press the top power button three time to toggle to this mode and press the bottom +/- button to adjust between two vibration frequencies and two temperatures (38-40 degrees Celsius and 40-42 degrees Celsius).

DuPont Brushes:
Remove dead skin cells, makeup and impurities with the efficient rotating DuPont brush heads.
Enied has two DuPont brush heads that are suitable for all types of skin and shapes of faces; the gentle rotating motion of the DuPont brushes efficiently massages and exfoliates the skin.
The brushes come in two sizes: 0.075mm for general daily facial cleansing, and 0.050mm for sensitive and/or delicate cleansing.

Secondary Features:
Design and Materials:
Enied uses soft, body and skin safe silicone material enhancing its ergonomic design, this high-grade material enables the user to comfortably and confidently hold the device without worrying about losing grip.
Enied comes equipped with a high-quality polycarbonate protective brush head cap to keeping the brush head clean.
A stainless-steel head at the bottom of the device has been chosen for its heat resistant elements designed for Enied’s Warm Therapy Mode, the head has been milled and polished at a slight angle creating a small gradient intended for a more comfortable usage experience.
Enied is IPX7 waterproof rated, allowing for it to be used anywhere, anytime with total confidence.
Compact, small and portable, Enied is designed for on-the-go usage.
We have included a fabric pouch to store the device.

To protect the eyes and surrounding eye areas, it is NOT recommended to perform skin care work on the eye area and surrounding eye areas.

Please note:
In order to make the product work its best, we recommend:
Prior to using this device, users are required to moisturise their face with a skin cream or serum.
Always thoroughly clean the product after use, wash the brush surface with water or soap, then rinse it until it is clean.
Never use cleaning products containing alcohol, petrol or acetone, as they may irritate/damage the skin and damage the product.
Avoid using sticky, scrubs or silicone-based cleansers with the product.
Avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight and never expose it to boiling water.
If you have skin diseases, please consult and follow your doctor’s advice.
Be cautious when cleaning the eye area to avoid eye injuries.
Do not overuse the product for cleansing and warm therapy.
If you feel unwell while using the product, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
To avoid the risk of electric shock, the product must only be connected to a supply mains with protective earth.
For reasons of hygiene, we do not recommend sharing the product with anyone else.
Close supervision is necessary when the product is used by, on, or near children, as well as those with reduced physical and mental abilities.
This product does not work while charging, hence do not attempt to operate the product while it is charging.
Use the product only for its intended use as described in the manual.
Given the efficiency of the product’s cleansing and warming features, we recommend that you do not use the product’s Rotation Cleansing Mode, Warm Therapy Mode and Vibration Massaging Mode for more than 3 minutes at a time.
Ensure that no debris has been magnetically attracted to the cable connector.
Before charging, please make sure that the charging contact surface on both the cable connector and on Enied are completely dry and are free of water drops.
Do not charge Enied for more than 24 hours at a time.
It is not recommended to use the product if you have had facial plastic surgery, as doing so could potentially damage the skin.
If you do seldomly use the product, please regularly charge it as to prevent wearing out the battery.
It is recommended to use a USB port power wall charger that complies with your local national safety regulations.

Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS
Colour: Cherry Pink / Mint Green
Size: 34x75mm
Weight: 85g
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Charging Method: Magnetic charging
Usage Time: 1.5 hours under Rotation Cleansing Mode, 3 hours under Vibration Massaging Mode & 1 hour under Warm Therapy Mode
Interface: 2-buttons
Water Resistance Rating: IPX7 Waterproof.
Product Certification: CE, ROHS, PSE, FCC, FDA
Package Includes: Enied (Model No. SF02), Manual, Warranty Card, Country Travel Card, Pouch, PC Protective Cap, Charging cable.

Notice: Due to different production batches, the accessories in the packaging might differ.


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