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Citrus Sunshine + Car Vent Diffuser

Citrus Sunshine + Car Vent Diffuser

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Create a positive driving environment by adding a drops of Cleén Citrus Sunshine Essential Oil into car vent diffuser. This woody stylish yet simple natural rosewood car vent clip designed with mobile clip tail, you can easily adjust the clip as per your need, add a few drops of essential oils into the volcanic lava stone, close the cover and shake evenly. That's it and you will be on the road with your favourite scents.

将一滴 Cleén Citrus Sunshine 精油添加到Car vent diffuser中,创造正能量的驾驶环境。这款木质时尚而简约的天然Rosewood car vent通风口夹设计,可移动夹尾,您可以根据需要轻松调整夹子,在火山熔岩石中添加几滴精油,合上盖子并摇匀。就这样,您将带着您最喜欢的气味上路。

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