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Self-Care Gua Sha Workshop Penang

Self-Care Gua Sha Workshop Penang

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参加我们的 Gua Sha Workshop 工作坊,你将深入了解刮痧和精油的功效,让你随时在家享受放松的时刻,缓解日常压力,呵护肌肤和身心健康。



完成工作坊后可获赠 Cleén Roll-on Essential Oil 滚珠精油


In modern life, people lead busy lives and endure a lot of pressure. It is essential to give yourself some time and indulge in a Gua Sha treatment with essential oils. Immerse yourself in the fragrance and let your body experience relaxation and pampering. It is an excellent way to unwind and release stress. Join our Gua Sha at Home Workshop 2.0 to delve into the benefits of Gua Sha and essential oils. Learn how to enjoy moments of relaxation at home, alleviate daily stress, and nurture your skin and overall well-being.

Class size: 15 participants

Duration: 2 Hours

Fee: RM98 per person

Language: Chinese

Date & Venue : 
( 19 Aug ) Manoplus Penang | No. 37A&B, Beach Street, 10300 George Town,Penang.

Workshop Content:

  1. Understand the therapeutic effects and precautions of Gua Sha
  2. Learn how to relax your body and mind through essential oils and Gua Sha
  3. Explore the synergy between body oils and Gua Sha techniques
  4. Learn Gua Sha manipulation techniques
  5. Acquire skills to use at home

Workshop Perks

Receive a complimentary Cleén Roll-on Essential Oil after completing the workshop. 


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