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Self-Care Gua Sha Workshop Johor

Self-Care Gua Sha Workshop Johor

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In the midst of our bustling modern lives, we frequently find ourselves burdened with stress and fatigue. Yet, amidst the chaos, we must never forget the profound significance of self-love. Embracing the harmonious blend of Gua Sha and essential oils, we unlock a realm where profound healing of the body and mind intertwines effortlessly with the blossoming of our radiant beauty. It is with great delight that we invite you to immerse yourself in our ethereal realm, the Self-Love Gua Sha Workshop. Here, we embark on a transformative journey, exploring the exquisite synergy between Gua Sha and essential oils, delving into the intricacies of self-care, and discovering the art of unlocking inner bliss and external allure within the sanctity of your own home.

Class size: 15 participants

Duration: 2 Hours

Fee: RM120 per person

Language: Chinese

Date & Venue : 

( 12 Aug ) Y Space JB |2, Jalan Yahya Awal, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Workshop Content:

  1. Understand the therapeutic effects and precautions of Gua Sha
  2. Learn how to relax your body and mind through essential oils and Gua Sha
  3. Explore the synergy between body oils and Gua Sha techniques
  4. Learn Gua Sha manipulation techniques
  5. Acquire skills to use at home

Free 1 Cleén Roll-on Essential Oil worth RM38 and 1 Complimentary Drink


在现代繁忙的生活中,我们时常承受着压力和疲劳。但我们应该记得,宠爱自己是非常重要的。刮痧与精油结合的护理方式不仅可以治愈身心,还能让我们焕发美丽。参加我们的 Self-Love Gua Sha Workshop 工作坊,我们将探索刮痧和精油相互协同的功效,让你深入了解如何在家中实现身心的治愈和美丽的提升。



工作坊期间提供饮品,并于工作坊结束时获赠Cleén Roll-on Essential Oil滚珠精油。

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