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Cleen Pine Pure Essential Oils 10ml

Cleen Pine Pure Essential Oils 10ml

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Botanical Name: Pinus Sylvestris

Processing Method: Steam Distilled

Aromatic Note: Woody, evergreen  and earthy

Origin: France 松树精油用蒸馏法萃取自松树的针叶与球果,精油充满了新鲜的森林气息。松树精油具有天然的由于抗菌和,常被作为一种天然清洁剂或除臭剂。


Scotch Pine Essential Oil is produced by steam distilling the needles of Pinus sylvestris, a tall coniferous tree. Containing approximately 90% monoterpenes, Scotch Pine Essential Oil is a good respiratory and antimicrobial oil. It is well regarded for its use in household cleaning applications.

Aromatically, Scotch Pine Essential Oil possesses a crisp, fresh pine aroma that blends well with other conifer essential oils and oils in the wood, resin and herbaceous families. 
    • Pine Essential Oil positively enhance energy levels and mood by clearing the mind of stresses
    • Energizes our body to help eliminate fatigue, enhancing concentration, and promoting a positive outlook. The aroma of the oil helps to calm nerves and uplift mood
    • It helps to improve thinking, alertness and memory recall, so it is good for studying, driving and any other situation where you need your wits about you.

For Skin: 
  • Soothes super dry skin
  • Treats itching
  • Balances and smoothen uneven skin,  renews
  • Anti oxidant
For Hair: 
  • Increases hair growth
  • Keeps scalp clean
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Treats hair loss and  hair thinning
  • Thickening and boosts shiny hair
  • Fights head lice
For Others: 
  • Refreshing home
  • Natural deodorant
  • Kills fleas
This oil should not be used by those who are pregnant or under the care of a physician.

Dilute well before use; for external use only.

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.

Blends well With peppermint, Eucalyptus, grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree.
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