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Nature's N-Curl Cream 100ml For Curly Hair

Nature's N-Curl Cream 100ml For Curly Hair

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N-Curl Cream is infused with Organic Argan Oil and Green Tea Extract, which provides moisture and contains anti-oxidants. Controls frizz and achieves natural and defined curls. 

N-Curl Cream富含有机坚果油和绿茶提取物,提供滋润并含有抗氧化剂。控制毛躁,使卷发更加自然和清晰。

Directions : Take an appropriate amount onto palm and apply through damp hair after washing with shampoo and conditioner. Style as desired while drying with a diffuser or blow dryer. For optimum result, use with Nature’s Organic Sense Argan Crystal Oil 

 使用方法:取适量产品倒在手掌上,在用洗发水和护发素洗发后,涂抹在湿发上。在使用扩散器或吹风机的同时按照您的喜好造型。为达到最佳效果,可与Nature's Organic Sense Argan Crystal Oil 一同使用。


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