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Nature's Essence Scalp Balancer Balm 150ml

Nature's Essence Scalp Balancer Balm 150ml

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Scalp Balancer Balm suitable for all skin and hair types.the sunflower oil gives  hair softness, making it easily detangled.  it restores  balance of the skin, giving a pleasant and refreshing effect. essential oils of lavender and  chamomile relieves itch and provides a fresh, soothing sensation.

头皮平衡乳霜适合所有头皮和头发使用。 主要帮助恢復头皮水脂平衡,给予头皮愉悦的清爽感。内含向日葵油,能够让头发柔软,使其更容易梳理。薰衣草和洋甘菊精油能够缓解头皮痕痒問題,使头皮感觉清爽舒适。 

Directions: After specific shampooing, apply on scalp and then distribute on lengths and ends.  massage and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
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